help page for our freenodes info utility


freenodes -h
List cluster occupation info from SLURM.
See for details.
-i --id Display the job id
-t --time Display the remaining time of the job allocation
-u --user Display the user names
-r --running Display the list of running jobs
-p --pending Display the list of pending jobs
-h --help This help information.


node  busy cores  state  load allocated cores in: 1short 2express 3test 4long 5biomechanics 6debug 7parallel partition

    | node is connected by infiniband(=) or ethernet(-)
  r1= ( 8 of  8)  full   7.93 2357    |xxxxxxxx| [9552|rehor|4:11|8]
 r10- ( 0 of  8)  free   0.01 123     |........| 
                              |node is in partitions 1(short) 2(express) and 3(test)